NFP Premium 9 filter voor de VARIO HP waterfilters


Carbonit NFP Premium 9 vervangingsfilter voor de Carbonit® VARIO HP, SANUNO, CITO QV en DUO HP

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Carbonit NFP Premium 9 replacement filter voor de Carbonit® VARIO HP, SANUNO, CITO QV en DUO HP.

The NFP Premium is asintered carbon block filter cartridge. It was produced for CARBONIT® drinking water filters by international patent. It possesses a filter fineness of < 0.45 µm and a very high adsorption capacity for contaminant.

Part no.: 205NFP020-EV
Flow rate: 2 to 3 l/min (at 4 bar, after 5 min. initial flow)
Pore size: 0,45 µm
Retention: see text/table on right side
Dimensions: d = 70 mm, l = 247 mm (9 “)*

The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months (in accordance with DIN 1988). As a basic rule, 10,000 liters of water can be filtered within a sixmonth period. Earlier replacement can however be necessary when the water flow becomes noticeably reduced. Earlier replacement is not the result of any deficiency in the filter used, but rather a sign of
the increased presence of fine particles in unfiltered water.

Adverse taste and odour, contaminants such as copper, lead, chlorine and most known organic compounds as well as bacteria, microorganisms and fungi are reliably and permanently remo –
ved from drinking water by means of this premi – um filter cartridge. Thanks to the solid condition of the burnt carbon block there is no hazard of bleeding or break-through due to overload of contaminants or bacteria. Dissolved minerals on the other hand will not be reduced.


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