Grayl Ultralight replacement filter


Replacement filter for the Grayl water filter for travel. This filter fits only the Grayl UltraLight and Legend and not the Geopress.

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Replacement filter for the Grayl Ultralight and the Grayl Legend.

Please note that this replacement filter only fits the Grayl Ultralight and Legend. If you own a Grayl Geopress click here for the correct filter.

Filters through the latest technology in water filtration.

The moment the filter is pushed through the contaminated water, a process of electrolysis and ion exchange takes place. At submicron level, this filters out pathogens including viruses, bacteria and protozoa from the water. Several layers of activated ultrafine carbon powder provide a very large surface area that removes small particles and toxins (chemicals and heavy metals). Silver-coated zeolite provides an antibacterial action that keeps the filter cartridge free of bacterial growth between uses.

The unique filter that fits into the Grayl Ultralight and Legend is capable of removing the following from the water:

of all viruses
(rotavirus, norovirus, hepatitis A)

of all bacteria
(e.coli, salmonella,cholera)

of all protozoa
(glordia, cryptosporidium)

(chlorine, benzene)
Heavy metals (lead, arsenic)
Particles (sediment residues)


  • Water filtration anywhere in the world
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals
  • Quick and simple - in just 15 seconds - fill, press, drink
  • The ultimate virus protection
  • No batteries, no chemicals needed
  • No pumping, sucking or pressing
  • Simple filtration up to 150 liters
  • Tested according to NSF Standards 42 + 53

Filters through the latest technology in water filtration and uses electro adsorption, ultra fine activated carbon and silver processed zeolite.

Retain filters

An unopened package can be kept for 10 years.

A used filter must be removed from the Grayl. Allow the filter to dry thoroughly. Then pack the filter airtight after which it can be stored for 3 years.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 6.7 × 6.7 × 7.3 cm
Product Information

Shelf life: 10 years (in original packaging)
Filters: 450 ml in 15 seconds
Filter capacity: approx. 150 liters
Material: polypropylene. BPA phthalate free.
Filter is patented and manufactured in the USA


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