Aqua Logic Inline C-Ultra 10 inch - Gen2


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The Inline-C-Ultra inline filter is a unique and very compact drinking water filter.

The filter consists of a 100% organic activated carbon block combined with Ultra-membranes of 0.03 microns.

The Siphon-C-Ultra adsorbs substances dissolved in water and captures microorganisms, such as bacteria (reduction > 99.999999 %).

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Filter element:

C-Ultra (Carbon cylinder + Ultra-membranes).
1 micron 100% organic activated carbon cartridge + 0.03 micron ultra-membranes filter.

Pathogenic organisms: Log 6 bacteria reduction: > 99.9999% (including Cholera, Shigella, Typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigenam, Legionella and e. Coli) and Cysts/Protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, among others)
Micro- and nanoplastics as small as 0.03 microns (300 nanometers) in size
Adsorbs odor, color and taste, yeasts, metals such as lead, chlorine, drug residues and other chemicals.


At 2 bar: 6 liters per minute / 360 liters per hour.

Shelf life:

Unused, the filter has an almost unlimited shelf life (store cool, dry and dark)

Technical data:

Weight: 1300 grams
Dimensions: Ø 12.5 x 31 cm
Connection: 3/8 inch pipe in and outlet

For existing water pressure system

The AQUA Logic Inline-C-Ultra is a so-called inline water filter that can be mounted in an existing water pressure system. The filter has a very low pressure drop which makes it very suitable for in pleasure yachts, campers and caravans which are often equipped with simple pressure pumps.

The Inline-C-Ultra concept is a unique and very compact drinking water filter, designed for a growing group of people who travel by camper or caravan or want to filter their own drinking water.

Applications include self-sufficient tiny-homes, offgrid houses, caravans, campers, pleasure yachts or situations where the regular water supply is not reliable. For example, due to contamination and/or contamination of drinking water.

Unique 2in1 C-Ultra Filter Element / Cartridge

  1. Activated carbon cylinder with a pore size of 1 micron.
    The activated carbon consists of a 100% organic material (coconut bark) processed into small particles with very high adsorption capacity. The activated carbon adsorbs odor, color and taste, metals such as lead, as well as yeasts, chlorine and other chemicals.
  2. Ultra-membranes with a pore size of 0.03 microns.
    Microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa are trapped by this.
    > Log 6 - Bacteria reduction > 99.9999%.

This means that this one filter element is capable of producing safe and clean drinking water of high quality.

Ultra version - the best filter properties

Ultra at AQUA Logic stands for the filters that feature Ultra-membrane filters with a pore size of only 0.03 microns. Ultra-membrane water filters are the most modern and reliable method of filtering pathogenic microorganisms from water.

Assembly of the Inline water filter

To connect the filter, screw the supplied 3/8-inch hose barbs or 3/8-inch reducer nipples into the cover. The supply hose or water line to the (existing) tap point can be cut, after which the filter is placed between this supply hose or water line (with a hose clamp if necessary). Pay attention to the direction of flow (IN/OUT) when doing this.

Using the supplied wall bracket, the filter can be mounted on the side or back wall of the (flush) cabinet. Through the lock holes in the wall bracket, the filter can be easily removed for maintenance.

Commissioning the Inline water filter

Before putting the filter into service, the date sticker provided should indicate the expiration date (one year from the date of putting into service). Do this with a waterproof marker or pen and then stick it visibly on the water filter. This is important because after a maximum of one year (or season) the filter element must be replaced.

Upon commissioning, the filter must be vented. Hold down the (black) vent button on top of the filter cover (while pressure is on the system) until all air has escaped.

With a new filter, let the water flow through for a short time before using it for consumption. Then the filter is ready for use.

Maintenance of the Inline Filter

Depending on the degree and type of water contamination, the surface of the filter element may become clogged. This can be recognized by a decrease in the amount of water flowing out.

If this is the case, the filter housing can be unscrewed (counterclockwise), after which the filter element can be cleaned by moving the (integrated) cleaning pad over the filter surface. Then the dirt can be rinsed off with water. When cleaning, place a bucket under the filter to collect any water.

When closing the housing, make sure that the rubber sealing ring is properly inserted and clean. Then close the filter again properly (tighten firmly) to prevent leakage during operation.

The filter should be vented again after maintenance by holding down the vent button until all air has escaped. Also after each maintenance, it is recommended not to use the first liters for consumption.

After every year (or season), the filter element should be replaced. To do this, periodically check the expiration date you have written on the date sticker.

Although the filter housing itself is frost-resistant, it is recommended to drain the filter and water system of your caravan, motorhome or boat before winter storage as some parts in the water system can be damaged by freezing!


Care is important when using and maintaining this water filter as it concerns the safety of your drinking water!

Package Contents:

10″ Inline filter housing
Filter element - Inline - C-Ultra - 0.03mcr - 10 INCH
Wall mounting bracket with screws to attach the bracket to the filter housing
2 x 3/8″ hose barbs 12mm
2 x 3/8″ nipples
2 x O rings for hose barbs or nipples
Operating instructions
Date sticker

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 31 cm

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