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Are you looking for a high-quality water filter? We offer a wide range of water filters for various applications. Whether you are looking for a water filter for on or under the kitchen sink, for the main water line or for on the go, we have the right solution. We have been importing water filters from South Korea since 2001 and also offer products from Germany and Denmark.

Water filters
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Results 1-12 out of 36 results are displayed

Results 1-12 out of 36 results are displayed

Why a water filter?

Using a water filter offers numerous benefits. Although Dutch drinking water is already among the safest in the world and can be drunk without any problems, water filters can make this water even healthier. They remove additional contaminants such as GenX, PFAS, bacteria, hormones, drugs, pesticides and microplastics. This results in cleaner, healthier and better tasting water. In addition, some filters, such as our Aqualine models, mineralize, vitalize and even make the water alkaline make it alkaline.

Different types of water filters

At Tradeline, you will find various types of water filters to meet different needs:

  • Aqualine Water Filters: These 4-in-1 filtration systems filter, mineralize, vitalize and can make water alkaline. Available in varieties such as glass and ABS, with options such as the Aqualine 5, 12 and 18.
  • Water filters for the main water line: These filters are suitable for installation on your home's main water line, filtering all incoming water. The Quadro 120 and 60 are examples of such filters.
  • Saqua water filters: Modern, compact water filters with a sleek look for your countertop. It effectively removes contaminants such as bacteria and chemicals, ensuring you always have clean drinking water. Easy to install and perfect for everyday use at home.
  • Water filters for under the kitchen sink: Perfect for household use, these filters offer easy installation and effective filtration for filtered water straight from the tap.
  • Shower Filters: Specially designed to remove chlorine and other contaminants from shower water, leaving your skin and hair feeling softer.
  • Aqua Logic water filters: These filters offer advanced technologies for thorough water purification and are available for various applications, such as under the kitchen sink and main water line.
  • Travel Filters: Ideal for travel and travel, these portable filters provide clean drinking water wherever you are. Popular models include the Saqua Travel Filters.

The best water filter for the home

The best home water filter depends on your specific needs. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, Aqualine water filters are the most popular choice. These 4-in-1 filtration systems filter, mineralize, vitalize and can make water alkaline. Models such as the Aqualine 5, 12 and 18 offer comprehensive water purification and are available in varieties such as glass and ABS. For a sleek and modern home water filter, the Saqua filter is ideal for the countertop, easy to install and effective in removing bacteria and chemicals.

If your preference is filtered water from the tap and you'd rather not have a water filter on the kitchen counter or have a water filter out of sight, under-the-counter or main water line water filters are a good choice. The Quadro and Aqua Logic filters are excellent options for direct and effective filtration at the water source and are suitable for installation on the main water line. This results in pure, filtered water directly from the tap.

Buy water filter at Tradeline

At Tradeline you buy high quality water filters, imported from South Korea, Germany and Denmark, and specially selected for their reliability and effectiveness. We have specialized in water filters since 2001, which has given us a wealth of experience and expertise. Our wide selection offers solutions for every need, from on the countertop to under the sink to for the main water line. In addition, we offer excellent customer service and expert advice. For more information contact us at.

Choose Tradeline and experience the difference in water quality. Order today and enjoy pure, healthy and safe drinking water!