Replacing filters

We supply filters, mineral stones and Cormac rings for various water filters. Such as the Aqualine, AQV, Aquavit, EVA, Doonam, Coolmart, Keosan, Cosan, Aqualife, ZeoVita, Carbonit, Prime Inventions and various Nikken water systems.

Pi rings for the Actimo, Wave-Q and Nikken Vitalizers.

Filters and mineral stones for the Keosan KS 971, KS 951, KS 911, KS 966 P, (water cooler). Aquavit 5 and 12 (AQV 5 and 12 have the same filters as the Aqualine 5 and 12.

If you are unsure which filters you need or you are not sure what kind of filter system you are using please contact us.

Not all filters from Carbonit and Prime Inventions are in our shop. We can supply all filters from these companies to order.

Replacing filters
Filters visible