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Electrolysis water

Know what you're measuring - Electrolysis tester

Testing Water Quality by Electrolysis Electrolysis (from the Greek lysis = to loosen, release) is the decomposition of a chemical substance by means of an electric current. Vendors of various water filters sometimes use an Electrolysis device and/or a TDS meter to supposedly demonstrate that all water, except the water that passes through their [...]

Elvan mineral stones

Elvan mineral stones for the Aqualine, AQV and Coolmart water filters. Elvan is a special volcanic rock that occurs only in a few places on our earth. The Elvan stones in the Aqualine systems come from South Korea. These porous stones can contain 18 different ionized minerals and trace elements that are slowly released to the filtered water. The amounts [...]

inspection service of value

Response broadcast Keuringsdienst van Waarde

Following the Keuringsdienst van Waarde broadcast about water filters, we have had several questions. We have been importing and selling water filters for over 20 years, so we fully understand that you may take our response as a sales pitch. The information we have found is from public sources. As such, we have provided as much [...]

TDS meter

Know what you are measuring -TDS meter

TDS meter Last week I listened to a broadcast on the radio where a water expert was interviewed. Although I have great appreciation for this expert, my toes began to curl at some comments he made about measuring with a TDS meter. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, or the [...]

sea dyke

In case of Calamities

Calamities We can go without food for long periods of time but our bodies can go without water for up to 3 days before our organs are in trouble. There go the dikes! Was the name of the article in the October 2011 Quest. "We feel safe behind our dikes. Maybe a little too safe. Because the quality of [...]

bottled water

Drinking water at risk from pollution

Headlines Drinking water at risk from pollution Groundwater sources of Dutch drinking water increasingly polluted German medicines are polluting "our" Rhine Just a few of the headlines of recent years, responding to reports that have been published. It is becoming increasingly difficult for our drinking water companies to purify drinking water. What can our water filters do for you Reason for [...]