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In case of Calamities


We can go without food for long periods of time but our bodies can go without water for up to 3 days before our organs are in trouble.

There go the levees!

Was the name of the article in the October 2011 Quest.

"We feel safe behind our dikes. Maybe a little too safe. Because the quality of our flood defenses leaves quite a bit to be desired." This is followed by 6 threats to our levees. In the event of a flood, drinking water may no longer be available.

Information on calamities of all kinds - government site

Our products that help you survive

The LifeSaver or Grayl travel filter should not be missing from any emergency kit. These handy filters remove 99.99999% of all viruses, bacteria, protozoa, heavy chemicals from the water without chemical additives or electrical tools.

With our Aqualine 5, Aqualine 12, Aqualine 18, Aqualine Neos and the Aqualine Water Cooler, you can turn rain or ditch water into drinking water. The Water Cooler only needs electricity to cool and heat the water. The filtration is done by gravity. Without power, it is simply a filtration system.

The Aqualine 5 (abs) comes in a box measuring only 23 x 23 cm, allowing for easy storage. The filters have an unlimited shelf life.